Monday, April 6, 2009

Nookie Tip

The woman has had a hard week, the boss has been riding her and in this economy you really can't push back or your out the door. Maybe she stays home, takes care of the kid, laundry, dishes, cleaning, want me to go on? No, you've learned your lesson about that already! Anyway, the point is she needs a little pampering. Yes, you've been working hard also and need a little nookie time. So, at the end of the night why don't you give her a massage. Strip her down and have her lay her stomach. Grab this to use, and make sure you rub your hands to warm it before you touch her. I find that 12-15 minutes on her back is enough time for her to relax and bless you for thinking of her. Spend the next 5 minutes on her legs and butt. Now what's good about this is that it doubles as a lubricant! It is a must have in the bedroom, it is discreet, multi-purpose, creates near zero friction and a little goes a long, long way. It's available at Wal-Mart, Meijer, etc. So if your embarrassed about buying a lubricant you can use the self check out lane.

Gently, your hands find themselves between hers legs and up her thigh. If she is into this, and she should be, her legs will part for you to more easily reach her. Now that you have the green light don't be shy on the Intrigue, you want it to be slippery as possible. Trust me on this now, massage her lips and start with the larger outer ones. Slowly up and down each one, one at a time roll them between your fingers. Now the inner lips the same way. Make sure you don't neglect the clit, just tease it this time, maybe next time spend more time on it. By now your felling the heat from her and you want yours, so climb up behind her, apply some to your little man and slowly make love to her. Lay on top of her skin on skin let her feel your weight, breather down her neck, whisper in her ear and stoke her hair. Remember you just gave her a back rub don't go bending it out of shape tonight! Try this and come back and tell The Other Man how much more your woman loves you.


  1. hey love,
    blogger closed my site down. you can now find me here.

  2. This is seriously hot advice. You've got some skills brother.